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Inkrite cartridges now come with greener Eco-Friendly product packaging


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Save £s with our EcoSaver ink cartridges.  Reuse the Cradle section time & time again and just buy the cheaper replacement ink tanks when empty.



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We sell InkRite compatible cartridges which come full to the top with ink unlike many original OEM cartridges which can only be half full. Ink is very expensive, so many brands (even famous manufacturers) put in a lot less ink into their cartridges to make them look better value for money than they really are.

However, more ink on its own is not enough...Some printer manufacturers program their printers to show a cartridge as empty after a certain number of pages are printed regardless of the amount of ink still inside the cartridge.  To get around this problem Inkrite cartridges have everlasting chips which fool the printer into alowing a single cartridge to be used multiple times.

Everlasting chips
These everlasting chips automatically reset themselves each time they are removed from the printer which means when they are replaced they show as 'full' again.  Because our cartridges come with more ink you can remove and re-insert them to get at the extra ink that we put inside them.  Instead of relying on the printer to tell you when a cartridge is empty each cartridge has an ink level checking window on the side so you can make sure you have used up all that precious ink before throwing the cartridge away.

With this extra ink and our smart-chip technology, some printer models will print almost 3 times as many pages as you would get if you were to use their own original OEM cartridges.


Inkrite for a sharper image. Double the lifespan. Print More. Much More!